G.M.P. srl manufactures small precision metal parts according to a drawing or request from the customer ranging from small up to large production lots for the following fields: electronic, electromechanical, lighting, gas, household appliance, medical sector, panels photovoltaic. Our blanking department includes quick operating presses used for large production lots, presses with link-draw for quality drawing and forming and punching/forming machines Bihler    Given its favourable geographic position, the network connection with the other companies in the area and the original method adopted in evaluating suppliers, G.M.P. srl is able to offer its customers a vast range of services such as: heat treatments, electrogalvanising, coating and assembly, all of which are indispensable for a complete supply.

GMP Srl manufactures components for high-tech automotive applications using modular progressive dies.
Rigorous design methods, the use of building materials produced by powder metallurgy or carbide materials, and the use of effective tools to control the production process such as PPAP and SPC, allow the achievement of high quality targe …¬†more informations about AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY

Modular progressive dies, including¬†multi-cavity¬†dies, are manufactured by GMP Srl to meet the most stringent demands for precision and accuracy in the production o …¬†more informations about HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES

GMP Srl expresses through the construction of¬†modular progressive dies¬†the ability to make¬†precision metal parts¬†ensuring great repeatability of the features required …¬†more informations about GAS-AIR-CONDITIONING

GMP manufactured dies and equipment¬†for the production of parabolic mirrors used in state-of-the-heart “concentrating” solar panels. Thanks to its specific expertise, GMP can provide support in choosing the most suitable ra …¬†more informations about Concentrating photovoltaics

GMP Srl meets with more and more important success by working high-performance materials using carbideprogressive dies¬†for the¬†blanking, bending and deep drawing of titanium.¬†Attention to market demands and the l …¬†more informations about MEDICAL EQUIPMENT

The high quality obtained by GMP Srl using¬†multi-cavity progressive dies¬†allows t …¬†more informations about PNEUMATICS

GMP Srl designs and manufactures modular progressive dies for the production of components …¬†more informations about HYDRAULICS

GMP Ltd designs and manufactures modular multi-cavity dies for the production of tin or aluminiu …¬†more informations about PAPER TECHNOLOGY

With the experience gained over the years, GMP Srl is now able to offer innovative solutions through the creation of¬†progressive dies, block dies and multi-cavity dies for the blanking, drawing and stamping of precision metal parts. …¬†more informations about ELECTROMECHANICS