G.M.P. srl is a technologically-advanced company that operates in the die manufacturing field which, throughout the years, has constantly been able to introduce the latest production technologies as well as take into consideration the innovative ideas of its personnel. Starting directly from the drawing of the part or from the sample supplied by the customer, we perform the design and the manufacture of the die. Our experience and know-how is specific to the manufacture of small-and medium-sized dies for the cold blanking of sheet metal and for small drawing operations. The product range includes progressive dies for blanking/drawing, with built-in tapping, with hard metal inserts and block dies. G.M.P. srl benefits in the design of dies from the experience matured from its own press department where the dies are tested and the medium/small metal parts are produced. Our reliability, precision, punctuality, seriousness and availability are the guarantees that we are able to offer our clientele and that allow us to face even the most demanding job orders with tranquillity.


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The die is designed to make three items used in the household sector with appropriate version changes.
The tape is cut at the same length as the item and is then transferred in three steps perpendicular to the feed axis where the folds are made.
The pneumatic transfer device, synchronized with the mechanical press, is equipped with electrical panel and plc.


With transfer tooling technology, the component is shifted from one operation to the other by a transfer unit which is fully synchronized with the press motion. Thus, the component is completely free from the strip during the whole process.

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